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Reporting a claim:

Accidents are stressful, but we don't think settling your insurance claim should be.  Whether you need to report a claim, follow the progress of an existing claim, find repair shops, or simply want to get more information - you've come to the right place!  Here at Watson Insurance Agency, Inc. we have 24/7 claims service.

Claims reporting during regular business hours:

To report a claim or ask claims questions during regular business hours, please contact:
          Personal Lines:          Main Office,      704-865-8584    or   contact@watsoninsurance.com
          Commercial Lines:    Emily Dickson,  704-854-4688    or   edickson@watsoninsurance.com
                                              Rhonda Barker, 704-854-4606    or   rbarker@watsoninsurance.com

Claims reporting during non-business hours:

To report a claim during non-business hours, please call 704-865-8584 or 1-800-849-9287 and press 1 for an after hours staff member's assistance.

What happens after a claim is reported?

  • Once a claim has been reported someone will contact you who can:
  • Verify data on the claim, answer any questions you may have, confirm your coverage, or obtain any documents necessary and initiate any necessary investigation of the claim.

What to do at the scene of an accident:

         * Stop your car and move it to a safe location

        * Check for injuries and call 911

        * Do not leave the accident scene

        * Make sure everyone involved moves to a safe location 

        * Exchange contact information with everyone involved

        * Make sure to include name, address, and phone numbers

        * Get the year, Make, model, and license plate number of all vehicles involved 

        * Get the insurance carrier and policy number

       * Get information on any witnesses and include their name, address, and phone number

        * If a police officer is present, get their name, phone number, and police report number

        * If you have a camera, take pictures of the accident