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Homeowners Insurance

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Insuring one of you most valued possessions can quickly become confusing.


  • Why do I have to insure my home for $500,000 when I bought it for $375,000?
  • Why do I need liability and how much?
  • Why do my pets affect my insurance?
  • Why does my home-based business figure in to my homeowners policy?
  • Why can’t I insure just my home without adding car insurance to the equation?
  • Why do I have to provide updates on my older home?


It’s the “Why?” questions like these that answer the “Why Watson?” question.  In the event that you ever suffer a loss to your home or contents, you want to know with confidence that you have the coverage that you need.   One of our agents will be happy to walk you through the answers to these questions and others as well as help you understand what coverage is needed and why.


While we hope that you’ll never have to experience a claim on your home, our goal is to make sure that if you do, you’ll know that you have the coverage that you need.

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